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If you suspect or have seen evidence of abuse or neglect from a care facility, schedule a consultation with Harry H. Albritton, a leading nursing home abuse lawyer serving North Carolina, to discuss your case and how you can get justice for your loved one.

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North Carolina Nursing Home Abuse lawyer

Justice for your Loved Ones

Long-term care facilities and home health care workers are seeing their work increase exponentially. There will be an almost 70% chance that someone turning 65 today will need long-term care services and supports in their remaining years. More than 10,00 people turn 65 in the United States everyday. This type of care is part of our everyday lives and will be in the future. Millions of families nationwide receive long-term care in nursing homes and rely on those homes to provide the care and attention our family members need when they can’t be cared for properly at their own home. Unfortunately, abuse and neglect are commonly experienced in nursing homes. The people we have entrusted our precious family members to for care and support, can hurt those we love.

If you suspect or have seen evidence of abuse or neglect from a care facility, schedule a free case review with Harry H. Albritton, a experienced nursing home abuse lawyer in North Carolina. He will discuss your case and let you know how you can get justice served for your loved one.

Understanding Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Any type of harm that comes to residents in a nursing home is abuse. This includes physical or emotional injuries, sexual assault, or financial exploitation. Some examples of common abuses are:

  • Physical abuse: Hitting, pushing, slapping, kicking, or using restraints
  • Mental abuse: Withholding mail, calling names, yelling, lying, or embarrassing the resident
  • Sexual abuse: Nonconsensual sexual contact or being exposed to sexual behavior or activity
  • Exploitation: Concealment and coercion to receive assets, or theft of assets and property
  • Neglect: Failing to provide proper care, including hygiene, medical needs, food, and clothing

When you witness or suspect any of these types of abuse, it’s critical that you document it and report it to the appropriate state agency immediately so that an independent investigation can be opened. Additionally, you should consult with a nursing home abuse lawyer as well.

Indications of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Much abuse occurs when there are no witnesses and many times the victim is unable to communicate the abuse they are enduring.

Here are some signs to watch for:

  • Changes in personality like withdrawal, anxiety, anger, and depression
  • Isolation
  • Bruises, cuts, or burns with no explanation or reason
  • Poor hygiene – uncleanliness, bed sores
  • Medication missing or errors in records
  • Irregular financial transactions
  • Rapid decline in cognitive, communication, or daily living skills
  • Bruising around the breasts or genital area

A Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Can Help Seek Justice for your Loved One

When your loved one has been abused in a nursing home, he or she may not be able to bring a lawsuit against the ones responsible. You will need to be their advocate and you may be able to pursue a claim as their legal representative. An experienced North Carolina nursing home abuse lawyer can help you understand and navigate the process for seeking justice. Attorney Harry H. Albritton is a dedicated nursing home abuse attorney who can help identify allegations of abuse and help you fight for your loved one’s rights. He can assist you in getting a favorable outcome and hold the parties responsible for the abuse accountable.

Rights of Nursing Home Residents

Our team is dedicated in doing battle for your loved one’s rights.

Their federally protected rights include, but are not limited to:

  • Be treated with respect
  • Participate in activities
  • Be free from discrimination
  • Be free from abuse and neglect
  • Be free from restraints
  • Be able to make complaints
  • Get proper medical care
  • Receive proper food, medical treatment, hygiene, and shelter
  • Have contact with family, visitors, and medical professionals
  • Have access to social services

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Our legal team at Irons & Irons P.A. is persistent when holding those responsible for abuse and neglect of nursing home residents. We work diligently to get the justice and compensation our clients deserve. Our firm accepts nursing home abuse injury cases in Charlotte, Raleigh, Greenville, Wilmington, Asheville, Winston-Salem, and the entire state of North Carolina. To set up a complimentary case review with Attorney Harry H. Albritton, call us today at  919-899-7200 or tell us what happened on our easy-to-use contact form.