North Carolina Personal Injury Case Settlement for $850,000

Personal Injury Case Settlement on Behalf of Injured Airline Pilot

It is possible to settle a personal injury case out of court and obtain a fair settlement for the injured victim, as recently evidenced by Irons & Irons, P.A. endeavors to achieve favorable outcomes for clients both inside and outside of the courtroom. Our North Carolina personal injury lawyer, Attorney Harry H. Albritton Jr., secured a successful settlement on behalf of an injury victim.

Understanding Personal Injury Settlements

Settlement occurs when either an insurer, adjuster, or defendant (i.e., the person or company being sued) makes an offer of payment to the injured person.

A Settment Can Happen at These Times:

  • The offer of settlement may be made before a personal injury lawsuit has been filed, but after a potential claim arises.
  • The offer of settlement may be made after a court case has been filed and a trial has begun, as long as there has been no final verdict.
  • The offer of settlement may be made after the trial while the jury is deliberating. This can occur when one or both parties decide that they prefer the assurance ("sure thing") of a settlement.

Benefits of Settlements Outside the Courtroom

Settling a personal injury case outside of the courtroom can lead to more advantageous outcomes than when the case goes to trial. When a case is settled outside of court, the award can be more predictable, can be arrived at quickly, and reduces stress for the victim.

Some of the benefits of settling outside of the courtroom include:

  • Settlements outside of the courtroom allow defendants to avoid legal costs. If the defendant knows he or she is at fault for the accident, they may not want the case to get in front of a jury who may be sympathetic to the plaintiff and award a significantly large award.
  • A settlement can also allow a defendant to keep the case out of the public eye or out of the paper. This is especially important for larger companies that want to keep any negative news concealed.
  • A settlement outside the courtroom allows the plaintiff to avoid a protracted trial. Trials can last for months and, if there are appeals, the ultimate outcome can remain uncertain. A plaintiff may not want to wait to get financial relief, or may not feel physically able to endure a lengthy trial.
  • A settlement outside of the courtroom allows the plaintiff a guaranteed win. When a case is taken to trial, the possibility always exists that the plaintiff will lose the case and receive nothing.

Whether a case is settled out of court or is litigated in front of a jury, our personal injury attorneys at Irons & Irons P.A. do everything we can do in order to secure a favorable outcome for our client.

After the Settlement Is Reached

When a settlement has been reached, the plaintiff must relinquish all potential claims against the defendant. This is accomplished by signing a full liability release.

Facts of the Pilot's Personal Injury Case

Brenda Wilmot, an airline pilot for Southwest Airlines was driving a vehicle in Charlotte, North Carolina. While stopped in traffic, a truck driver driving for C.A.V.E Systems rear-ended Wilmot's vehicle at a speed of approximately 20 miles per hour. After the accident, the injured pilot did not immediately go for medical treatment; however, the next day she was in serious pain in her head, neck, back, and right arm and hand.

Chronic Injuries Requiring Ongoing Treatment

After the accident, the injured pilot was under the care of a chiropractor for two months. She continued to have back pain, dizziness, and blurred vision, she also sought treatment from a neurologist who diagnosed her with a concussion. At about this time, the defendant began experiencing seizures.

Inability to Work

Prior to the vehicle accident, the pilot had not been able to work her job as a commercial airline pilot for Southwest Airlines due to stomach issues. Those ailments were resolved while she was being treated for the injuries sustained from the rear-end accident. Wilmot put forth that she would have returned to work if not for the physical conditions she was experiencing due to the injury accident with C.A.V.E Systems. Both Dr. Gary Weiss, a neurologist, and Dr. Maria Vasquez, a gastrologist, were consulted about Wilmot's injuries.


Before a civil case advances to court, both the plaintiff and the defendant must sit down for mediation. Attorney Harry Albritton represented Wilmot during the mediation and a settlement was reached two weeks later in the amount of $850,000.

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